Huntsman Mini "hanging" issue with AMD Systems

Recently, one of our Bento users contacted us about an issue with his Bento’s secondary SSD. Since our warranty is 1st year onsite, we arranged an onsite visit at his convenience.

Symptoms were error is deleting files in D:\ and after logon to Windows, the taskbar will hang for 5 to 10 mins and not be able to run some of the apps, like Display Settings or Personalize when right clicked on the desktop.

Tried disconnecting Bento’s secondary SSD, but the issue persisted.  In my head, I was thinking, could it be the boot NVMe or is it OS corruption? Then I noticed, the Razer mouse and mouse pad, and decided to check if the keyboard is a Razer too. Bingo! It is a Razer Huntman Mini.

I recalled during one of my Kopi session with PC Kaki’s boss, he asked, if we have any customers that have problem with the Razer Huntsman keyboard, which I replied, “No”. From now on, my answer will be “Yes”.

Solution was to update the firmware of the Razer Huntsman keyboard. You can find out more from Razer’s website: There is a typo in step 4, I believed it should be connect not collect.

It was because PC Kaki shared this info with us, that we are able to solve this mysterious issue. We should share this with the world so that owners of Razer Huntsman Mini can continued to enjoy this fantastic keyboard after the firmware update.

We did a one to one replacement for Bento’s secondary SSD because the SMART attribute showed 1 reallocated sector.