Chibi – ちび

A Japanese slang for little. Although small but it has most of the features of its bigger siblings unlike other mini pc. Chibi is the choice if you are looking for a basic home pc or a work pc with dual screen support.
Chibi comes with a mounting that allows you to mount it under your desk!


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Chibi – ちび

A Japanese word for small. Although small it has most of the features of its bigger siblings. Chibi is the choice where it can fit offices or homes with limited space and not sacrifices on many features. You will see understand when you read more.

AMD Ryzen 5600G Content Creation Bench
AMD Ryzen 5700G Gaming Bench
Chibi LAN WiFi Audio HDMI DP USB 3.0


Big in connectivity, 8 USB ports for all your perheriperals like your webcam, phones keyboard and mouse. Access the Internet using gigabit LAN or WIFI. Bluetooth, if you will like to use bluetooth headset or speakers. Chibi come with 7.1 audio for true surround sound. Video, it supports dual display using HMDI and Display Port. You can have one screen for game and the other your emails and messengers. So that you are technically still working!

Power Supply

Most of us neglected this when we are looking at small computers and have a shock later to know that is uses a power adapter and not an internal power supply. Our Vision is to remove that external brick. It is tough to assemble this but we did it because it must be done!

Chibi PSU

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