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RK 919 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Corner

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Typhoon System Roku in action at AFA 2017 WowJapan

Roku in action!

Tech Review

"Roku" Stream and Game


"Hachi" Gamer in a Creator

MoreHachi 2018
Chibi is Small

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Happy Owners of Typhoon Rigs!

  • Gordon was helpful and calm in a matter of helping me solve my issue and very knowledgeable and comes with great service. Gordon is very responsive to the questions and Thank you Typhoon Systems for helping me imrproved my gaming experience!

    thumb Haikel Na

    My 2013 self-assembled desktop starting giving me problem of late. While using, it would always hang or constantly reboot in a loop like manner. I actually chance upon Typhoon Systems while meddling with FB. Had a quick look through the reviews which were very positive and that prompt me to send them a msg. Gordon got in touch with me and I related the issues on hand to him. I also took the opportunity to consult him if this set-up deserves an upgrade to which he suggested trading in my MOBO, GPU and Ram. During initial discussion, he recommended 1. Ryzen 5 2600x, 2. MSI B450 Gaming Plus, 3. GTX 1060 (6GB) or above (as my current PSU can handle GPUs up to GTX 1080) & 4. 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM. Eventually, we landed at 1. Ryzen 5 2600x, 2. MSI B450 Tomahawk, 3. GTX 1080 (8GB), 4. 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM. I retained all my existing HDDs but added a Western Digital Black 4TB. Due to space constraints on my existing VIOS casing, he recommended me to take a mid tower chassis from Cooler Master (MC500p). As part of the ‘trade-in’, he took my 1. i7-4770, 2. H87 MOBO, 3. 7970 GPU & 4. 16GB DDR3 RAM. Further, he also took time to explain the differences btw AMD vs Intel as this is my very first time exploring AMD processors. Any other questions which I have were all answers accordingly and those replies made me felt at ease with Gordon and his knowledge. As I was traveling, Gordon came-by my place and picked up the CPU which required servicing / upgrade. Upon completion, he sent back the spanking new CPU. All I needed to do was to insert the cables, power up the machine and we are good to go! The entire transaction was completed without me even meeting Gordon! It was driven by the terrific feedback I’ve seen online and also, my positive interaction with Gordon. Great stuff from Typhoon Systems. Certainly a pleased customer here. Highly recommended.

    thumb Weiren Tan

    5 star review  Got mine from them recently and it was sick! Good job guys! 😁👍🏻

    thumb Mason Tan

    5 star review  brilliant service and fast response. honest and knowledgeable. will recommend to anyone.

    thumb Jimmy Sng
  • 5 star review  awesome build & good customer service!

    thumb Aaron Lun Wong

    5 star review  Very good and very professional. Easy to talk to. Gain quite a few knowledge on CPU while asking question related to it. When i reach the office to collect the cpu, i was expecting just pass me the finish product and off i go but no. He show me everything and gave me a few tips in maintaining it. I would definitely go back to them whether is it buying new desktop or upgrading it. 5 STAR SERVICE

    thumb DarkStealth Leow JiaHui

    5 star review  Great service and sharing of product knowledge. Took Gordon only a day to get my rig set up! Definitely recommend people to come here and get your rigs custom built!

    thumb Gerard Ang

    5 star review  Bought a ddr4 2x8gb kit and was able to OC above xmp ratings and passed aida64 stress test. Great service and always responds to queries.

    thumb Jezrel Paul
  • 5 star review  Gordon was really friendly and helpful and explaining stuff I didn't know much about in detail and gave me tips from maintainence to overclocking and was generally satisfied with my new upgraded rig that helped me improved my gaming experience overall.

    thumb Keith Yeo

    5 star review  I was in the market for a new Desktop Workstation, and while I usually go down to sim lim and have it built there. I decided to try consulting some custom pc builders this time. There were 3 places I contacted and while they were all helpful, Gordon from Typhoon PC was the one that really stepped up to the challenge and was the most responsive in answering all my questions in helping me build a PC that suited my performance and budget needs. What you get is really different from just going to a store and choosing parts. They really take the time and patience to advice you on your parts and even help you find a better deal. They stress test your hardware for a couple days. You get 3 years warranty for hardware issues, and 1 year is onsite! Your PC gets delivered to your doorstep. They even check on you afterwards to make sure that everything working smoothly. If you are in the market for a new Desktop for work or for play, I highly recommend Typhoon PC. They really know their stuff, they are patient, they're aren't pushy, and I feel they really genuinely want you to be satisfied with the end result.

    thumb Jose Cua

    5 star review  Unexpected build from Roku, just right for low budget gaming cpu. thanks to mr. Gordon making effort to come over for few time just to replace the small fan. Will recommend my game pals for sure. thumb ups!

    thumb Henry Chong

    5 star review  Pros: Nice bunch of guys, great service No nonsense approach, sound technical advice Cons: None. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone who needs a hand.

    thumb Ng Hon Mun
  • 5 star review  Review posted on behalf of Aaron Seah, “This is my first rig using a AMD chipset, and Typhoon Systems was recommended by a friend of mine. I am glad that my decision on looking for them does not disappoint, as their service is indeed professional and speedy. Highly recommended!”

    thumb 謝馨緯

    5 star review  Professional and Service-oriented! Big Thank You to Gordon Teo and Lee Beng Kwee for helping me to solve the power issue (inherent on my side).

    thumb VinSaint VT

    5 star review  Simply awesome! Service oriented, no nonsense, get stuff done both technically and aesthetically. Way back my Intel-based PC already encountered a problem with sudden shutdowns, like someone pulling the power cord from the mains. As it got worse (more occurrences), I realised something isn't right. Initially, I lugged down the monstrous weight of a mid tower all the way down to another repair specialist...Long story short, it did power up and work..only for a few minutes! By then, I was lost as to what to do next since that was the only guy I knew (reputable enough). Almost ready to throw in the towel and get a fresh rig. Fast forward to a few months later, I found Typhoon Systems by pure luck as I was surfing the HardwareZone forums (Singapore). In that particular thread, some poster was talking about being a IT repair specialist and somehow Gordon replied with his take on it. I was impressed...but most importantly he had a company that provides such services. My eyes lit up and gave him a message.. Long story short, it was the light at the end of the tunnel. My good ol' rig was resurrected! Of course not by magic repairs, more like necessary replacements of parts. Gordon is probably the guy to go to for such stuff as he is really knowledgeable, 20 years in this field. So for the time, effort and the know how, the cost of repair probably pales in comparison. A certified geek and techie guy, you know your rig is in good hands. Plus, he doesn't mince his words and gives BS marketing hype lingo....something rare these days. No more lugging up and down too and parts replacements! As they are done by them albeit cost of transportation. I can safely say, if you're living far away from the distributors and do not have personal transport (i.e. car, lorry), this service is godsend. Of course this is moot if you a light laptop or a NUC (duh!) Every little detail on how things are replaced, changed or repaired was well communicated to and fro, and even things like tidying up and value-added services like replacement of LEDs are included too. Yes, Gordon is a LED aficionado, just go to him if you need an LED fix. Even things like benchmarks, optimisations are done too and if you're worried, you can pop by to see things being done. Now that's good service! Last but not least, he even delivered my rig to my place, set it up and ran tests to make sure there the issue of "it works there and not my place" doesn't exist. Well, bottom line is...is it worth it? Heck yes...to me that is. But like all things tech, I would probably go for a overhaul in a year's time or so.. By then, I would definitely engage Typhoon Systems! ....If they still exist, fingers crossed!

    thumb Toby Chye

    5 star review  I came across Typhoon Systems through Facebook and they posted cleaning and pasting service on an Aftershock S5 - which is similar to my Laptop (Illegear S15 - Rebranded Clevo P650RG). I suddenly got interested because my laptop needed cleaning and repasting. The thermal numbers of my CPU and GPU is shooting up up to high 70's to mid 80's. So i went to their store. They are very accomodating and the quotation for the service is quite cheap in my opinion (80sgd) considering they used a good thermal paste. After the service they tested the temps using Furmark to see the GPU temps and CPU temps. The temps became stable. Recommending Typhoon Systems. In case I build a desktop, I probably would go here.

    thumb Jeffrey Tembrevilla