Typhoon System Roku in action at AFA 2017 WowJapan

Roku in action!

Tech Review

H A C H I, 1440p Ultra!

MoreHachi 2018

Chibi, Quad-Core mini-PC

Chibi is Small
Typhoon System Roku in action at AFA 2017 WowJapan

Roku in action!

Tech Review

H A C H I, 1440p Ultra!

MoreHachi 2018
Chibi is Small

Chibi, Home Theatre mini-PC


I am looking for a rig to/for


Deep Learning, AI & Scientific Computation


Buildings, Interior & Industrial



Video, 3D Animation & Graphics



Game & Stream


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Happy Owners of Typhoon Rigs!

  • positive review  fast and awesome service. they explained in details and delivered within 3 days. will recommend others for sure!

    Khidir Suhaimi Avatar Khidir Suhaimi
    January 18, 2019

    positive review  Would like to thanks Gordon for the delivery, service and explanation of how the stuffs works to me. Glad I found him to build my desktop. 👍

    Ron Chua Avatar Ron Chua
    January 18, 2019

    positive review  Headed down on a busy tuesday afternoon to get my Self-built AMD 1700 diagnosed cause it was running into some USB issues. However, Gordon found some more weird quirks to my system that i did not realize and promptly spent the next 2-3 hours solving the issues. The professionalism is amazing and ill highly recommend anyone who needs an system!😀

    Wen Jun Sam Avatar Wen Jun Sam
    January 15, 2019

    positive review  I would like to commend Gordon for the amazing professionalism and expertise in handling my computer issues. He came over to my place within half an hour to diagnose and took back my computer to his office (after an unexpected issue). My brand new power supply was damaged and he went to the supplier to claim warranty on my behalf. I have not experienced this kind of customer service and this has turned me into a loyal supporter of Typhoon Systems. You can trust them with your IT and technical issues. They won't judge or look down on you for not knowing much about tech, they will patiently explain and ensure your issues will be settled. Thank you so much!👍👍👍👍

    Sean Cheu Avatar Sean Cheu
    January 10, 2019
  • positive review  Would like to thank Gordan for making the effort to meet me on a saturday to discuss over the parts to get for my new gaming rig. He gave me a very detailed explaination on each and every single hardware he recommended. He is also very patient, knowledgeable and honest. Will definately recommend Typhoon Systems to anyone out there who are looking to purchase a new rig. Can't wait for new gaming rig to arrive next week :) !!

    Eugene Koh Avatar Eugene Koh
    January 5, 2019

    positive review  Very clear explanation given on what was wrong with my PC. Upgrade was a breeze and price is very reasonable. Computer came back much faster with a new casing that is good looking. Highly recommended for the fast and efficient service.

    Jason Frendo Lab Avatar Jason Frendo Lab
    January 5, 2019

    positive review  When I bought my Zeal from Aftershock in March 2018, I was told numerous times that the cooling system, a Cryorig C7 was enough. Well guess, what, I was running 100 degrees for minutes and hours daily because I run Lightroom and Premiere Pro, sometimes both at the same time. I e-mailed and even went down to ask if that's normal but they said that so long as my idle temps are in the 30s, that is fine. That was strange for me because 1. If I buy an 8700k, then I want it to be properly cooled to bring out its potential. 2. The heat makes my legs uncomfortable. Aftershock recommended a liquid cooling system because the Cryorig H7 wouldn't fit but I refused as I want 100% reliability. And because that's all they bloody have. So imagine my freaking surprise when I went down to Typhoon Systems and they told me that the H7 could easily fit. Unfortunately they only had a dented H7. I asked them if they could fit it as I wasn't fussy, but they told me that out of PURE ETHICAL considerations, they wouldn't sell it to me. That struck me as 100% INTEGRITY which I think is the most important fundamental value any person needs. Rather than telling me to come back a week later after their supplier delivers, they kindly allowed me to go to Simlim and get the part, for which they would only charge me for labour. Unfortunately they ran into some problems unblocking Aftershock's weird config and their technician fell sick, but I was impressed by how his partner picked up the parts, without forgetting a single piece and even offered to deliver it to me FOC. CUSTOMER SERVICE no. 1! I tried to tip them for their service but they refused, saying that they had delayed me enough. I really like how these people are god-honest, truthful people who won't try to rip you off. These are people I would willingly give my credit card to and just tell them to buy whatever parts needed for my dream rig because that's how much I TRUST them. Plus the fact that they work with so much video/media/A.I/computing professionals means they really understand our needs well. If FCP, PP, Resolve, mean anything to you. If you depend on unique, custom, one-of-a-kind rigs. If PCs are "rigs" and "workstations" not just a desktop for gaming, I can't recommend Typhoon Systems enough. Update: Aftershock's official reply is that the C7 is rated 100 tdw whereas the 8700k is rated 95W. 1. The K stands for overclocked so it can easily exceed 95. With the H7, mine hits 133W.

    Chen Zhirong Avatar Chen Zhirong
    December 29, 2018

    positive review  Explained my Problems and they explained to me very clearly what was wrong and showed me some examples of what is the correct configurations. Also answered some of my questions and IF I did this or that what are the pros and cons! Will definitely recommend Typhoon Systems!

    Maverick Ḻöʋȅşőɳļŷoʼnễ Avatar Maverick Ḻöʋȅşőɳļŷoʼnễ
    December 2, 2018
  • positive review  Great service from Typhoon System! Thanks Gordon for the great work on my pc and also recommendation of pc stuff. Will find Gordon in future for upgrade pc! Highly recommend people who wanted a best build pc.

    Wilson Shishio Makoto Avatar Wilson Shishio Makoto
    November 19, 2018

    positive review  I came to Typhoon Systems with a budget and an end goal in mind and Gordon took the time and gave me a build that fit nicely within the goal without going over budget. The entire process for me to receive the PC was extremely fast, in spite of the minor hiccups that took place. He even took the time to deliver it right to my doorstep and gave me a quick overview of the build and things to note. I felt really taken care of as a customer and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a new rig to take a look at Typhoon.

    Eric Wang Avatar Eric Wang
    September 29, 2018

    positive review  Gordon was helpful and calm in a matter of helping me solve my issue and very knowledgeable and comes with great service. Gordon is very responsive to the questions and Thank you Typhoon Systems for helping me imrproved my gaming experience!

    Haikel Na Avatar Haikel Na
    September 12, 2018

    positive review  My 2013 self-assembled desktop starting giving me problem of late. While using, it would always hang or constantly reboot in a loop like manner. I actually chance upon Typhoon Systems while meddling with FB. Had a quick look through the reviews which were very positive and that prompt me to send them a msg. Gordon got in touch with me and I related the issues on hand to him. I also took the opportunity to consult him if this set-up deserves an upgrade to which he suggested trading in my MOBO, GPU and Ram. During initial discussion, he recommended 1. Ryzen 5 2600x, 2. MSI B450 Gaming Plus, 3. GTX 1060 (6GB) or above (as my current PSU can handle GPUs up to GTX 1080) & 4. 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM. Eventually, we landed at 1. Ryzen 5 2600x, 2. MSI B450 Tomahawk, 3. GTX 1080 (8GB), 4. 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM. I retained all my existing HDDs but added a Western Digital Black 4TB. Due to space constraints on my existing VIOS casing, he recommended me to take a mid tower chassis from Cooler Master (MC500p). As part of the ‘trade-in’, he took my 1. i7-4770, 2. H87 MOBO, 3. 7970 GPU & 4. 16GB DDR3 RAM. Further, he also took time to explain the differences btw AMD vs Intel as this is my very first time exploring AMD processors. Any other questions which I have were all answers accordingly and those replies made me felt at ease with Gordon and his knowledge. As I was traveling, Gordon came-by my place and picked up the CPU which required servicing / upgrade. Upon completion, he sent back the spanking new CPU. All I needed to do was to insert the cables, power up the machine and we are good to go! The entire transaction was completed without me even meeting Gordon! It was driven by the terrific feedback I’ve seen online and also, my positive interaction with Gordon. Great stuff from Typhoon Systems. Certainly a pleased customer here. Highly recommended.

    Weiren Tan Avatar Weiren Tan
    September 9, 2018
  • 5 star review  Got mine from them recently and it was sick! Good job guys! 😁👍🏻

    Mason Tan Avatar Mason Tan
    July 26, 2018

    5 star review  brilliant service and fast response. honest and knowledgeable. will recommend to anyone.

    Jimmy Sng Avatar Jimmy Sng
    June 22, 2018

    5 star review  awesome build & good customer service!

    Aaron Lun Wong Avatar Aaron Lun Wong
    June 18, 2018

    5 star review  Very good and very professional. Easy to talk to. Gain quite a few knowledge on CPU while asking question related to it. When i reach the office to collect the cpu, i was expecting just pass me the finish product and off i go but no. He show me everything and gave me a few tips in maintaining it. I would definitely go back to them whether is it buying new desktop or upgrading it. 5 STAR SERVICE

    DarkStealth Leow JiaHui Avatar DarkStealth Leow JiaHui
    June 5, 2018