AMD ThreadRipper Pro

Water Cooled Workstation

AMD vs Intel

AMD has disrupted the dominance of Intel, piece by piece. First with their Ryzen desktop processor that literally made Intel’s i7 irrelevant immediately. Typhoons Systems started after the launch of Ryzen Zen 1 series because we saw that Ryzen Zen architecture out performs Intel’s processor and not as over-priced. We knew we were right when our competition who were super buddy with Intel started to cozy up with AMD after Zen 2’s launch. AMD has also gone after Intel’s share in laptop and datacenter, in these two segment things are a little slow as the big boys like Dell, HP and Lenovo are very slow to adapt for reasons only they know. Recently with the announcement of ThreadRipper Pro, AMD has officially entered the workstation market. ThreadRipper Pro is only available to custom builder like Typhoon Systems.

D H L WorkStation

Traditionally, when you speak of workstation, brands like D,H,L comes to mind. Dell, HP and Lenovo. Their extensive range of Intel based workstation will pop up. For a long long time, they were the only options. With ThreadRipper Pro, AMD is set to disrupt Intel’s lucrative workstation market.

A quick look at HP’s offering, their Z6 and Z8 configuration, Z6 is a single processor and Z8 is a dual processor. You could opt for the top end Intel Xeon Platinum 8280, 28 Cores 2.7GHz, 38.5MB cache, 205, W TDP. So how much is this processor? On Intel’s ARK site, this processor is listed as US$10,009 (based on 1000 pieces order, as per their explanation), based on the exchange rate of 1.4, it will be about SG$14,012. How much is a ThreadRipper Pro 3975WX, 32 Cores, 3.5GHz, 128MB Cache 280W TDP? The price of the ThreadRipper Pro 3975WX ranges between SG$4-5000. Businesses have been paying premium dollars for potato performance. This must change NOW!

AMD ThreadRipper Pro

AMD’s ThreadRipper Pro is currently the price leader and the king in performance. This is why ThreadRipper Pro is the heart of Typhoon Systems’ new S-Ripper Pro. As the leader in custom AMD build in Singapore, S-Ripper Pro, is the most customizable workstation you can find in Singapore.

S-Ripper Pro is not the only ThreadRipper Pro workstation in Singapore. The other creditable option is the Lenovo P620. There are other builder out there, but looking at their configuration, we decided not to waste time on them.

As at 10th May 2021, the based price for the Lenovo P620 is $3291.20 after a discount of $448.80, is a 12 Core 24 Threads ThreadRipper Pro, 16GB single DIMM ECC memory, 256GB Gen3x4 NVMe SSD, 1TB 7200RPM HDD and NO GPU. *when you customise and select the GPU, remember to select the mini DP to DP cable if the GPU has only mini DP ports.

Like Uncle Roger, we have to put out leg down when we see the base config. Here is a list of why:

  • An upgrade to the 32 cores 3975WX will burn a SG$5010 hole in your pocket. Going for a 12 Core system, many would rather opt for the Ryzen 9 5900X.
  • ThreadRipper Pro is capable of 8 channel memory and the base configure is not even a dual channel config.
  • PCIe Gen3 NVMe when Gen4 is available and much faster!
    P620 no Gen4
  • When you select the Quadro P620, you will need to select the cables. We convinced ourselves that this is to reduce e-waste.
    P620 no Amphere
  • At base price the warranty is a 1 year onsite. OMG!
    P620 1 year Onsite
  • Great discount? Think again. Our opinion is that it has been grossly marked up thus the generous discount.

S-Ripper Pro

At Typhoon Systems, our geeks takes pride in our build. S-Ripper Pro is a workstation build, to be in the league of the workstations provided by D, H, L, we must use workstation grade parts like ECC memory. an occasional 1 bit error can be rather disastrous! A big advantage for S-Ripper Pro is there are no proprietary parts.

What else should you take note of when you build your ThreadRipper Pro from a custom builder? Other builders can Dream, Masa masa and even Shock you with their prices as they use parts meant for gaming in your workstation build. One thing you should not allow any of them to cut corner, is the CPU cooler. ThreadRipper Pro uses SP3 socket which is larger then AM4 which most are familiar with. ThreadRipper Pro is a larger processor with up to 8 chiplets, has a larger surface area that must be completely covered by the CPU cooler block. A CPU cooler that is SP3 compatible does not mean it is able to cover the entire surface area of ThreadRipper Pro.

Our geeks, took effort to source and look for CPU cooler (air) and CPU water block that is designed for the larger surface area of ThreadRipper Pro. The new WRX80 mainboards, threw another curve ball thus we had to be extra careful when we pick the CPU Cooler. Proper cooling is important for stable operation of the workstation. For those that noticed the TDP of the ThreadRipper Pro, it is at 280W. With great power, comes heat. If your workload stresses the CPU, we have the S-Ripper Pro AQUA, 32 Cores, 64 Threads at 100%, CPU temp is @ less than 70 degrees Celsius.

With accumulated experience since ThreadRipper generation 01 and EPYC builds we are able to launch S-Ripper Pro (AQUA), that has out classed competition.

Huntsman Mini

Razer Keyboard "hanging" issue with AMD systems

Huntsman Mini "hanging" issue with AMD Systems

Recently, one of our Bento users contacted us about an issue with his Bento’s secondary SSD. Since our warranty is 1st year onsite, we arranged an onsite visit at his convenience.

Symptoms were error is deleting files in D:\ and after logon to Windows, the taskbar will hang for 5 to 10 mins and not be able to run some of the apps, like Display Settings or Personalize when right clicked on the desktop.

Tried disconnecting Bento’s secondary SSD, but the issue persisted.  In my head, I was thinking, could it be the boot NVMe or is it OS corruption? Then I noticed, the Razer mouse and mouse pad, and decided to check if the keyboard is a Razer too. Bingo! It is a Razer Huntman Mini.

I recalled during one of my Kopi session with PC Kaki’s boss, he asked, if we have any customers that have problem with the Razer Huntsman keyboard, which I replied, “No”. From now on, my answer will be “Yes”.

Solution was to update the firmware of the Razer Huntsman keyboard. You can find out more from Razer’s website: There is a typo in step 4, I believed it should be connect not collect.

It was because PC Kaki shared this info with us, that we are able to solve this mysterious issue. We should share this with the world so that owners of Razer Huntsman Mini can continued to enjoy this fantastic keyboard after the firmware update.

We did a one to one replacement for Bento’s secondary SSD because the SMART attribute showed 1 reallocated sector.

Seasons Greetings 2020

Bye bye 2020!

Hi there! Our last post was in 2018. That was 2 years ago. Time has the ability to slip us by without us noticing. In a couple days it will be 2021. So much has happened in these 2 years especially this year, 2020. We will like to thank you for your support and we look forward to a better 2021.
Let’s stay safe and healthy. Before we end, stay tuned, we will be sharing more post and videos. Cheers!


Activated does NOT mean Legal

“When it is too good to be true, it probably is!”

Many have seen or come across very affordable Microsoft Windows and Office product keys in sites like and These sites offer keys between S$20-30 where by the OEM license available thru Microsoft Partners ranges from S$199 for Home to S$399 for Pro. You are probably thinking these keys must be authentic and legal since they are able to activate the OS. Being a Registered Microsoft Partner for more then 10 years, it is unbelievable that Microsoft will sell their OS at such a low price and we do know that Microsoft do not sell product keys or COA (Certificate of Authenticity).

Why are we able to activate pirated key?

These pirated keys are able to activate the OS because these keys are real and working keys. However, there licensing agreement attached to these keys. Therefore improper distribution and usage of these keys made them “Pirated Keys”. You or anyone that purchased the keys have been cheated by these scammers.

What are the licensing available?

For us, the common folks, here are the 2 types of licensing that are applicable to us.
Full Package Product (FPP) – This is the most costly type of licensing but it is the most flexible. Flexible in a way that the license can be transfer from 1 machine to another. FPP can be purchased at anytime for your existing PC.
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – This license can only be purchased with a new PC or it is usually bundled with the new PC. It is cheaper than FPP, but it is not transferrable. When you throw your PC away, you throw away your license too. For OEM, it always comes with a COA. There are 2 type of COAs, 1 for those that have the product key embed in the UEFI BIOS of the computer. The other is with the product key on it.

The other not so commonly know licensing agreement from Microsoft are those meant for businesses from small to large enterprises
Open Licensing Program – Read More
Enterprise Agreement – Read More

How to Tell

For any software, we purchase the license to use NOT the product key. It is mandatory for all system builders that bundle Windows OS to attached the COA on the chassis of the build. If your build do not comes with the COA and it already has Windows installed then it is time for you to ask some questions! Microsoft has a website that has more information about their licensing, how to tell if it is real license and how to report if you suspect yours is not legal. Read More