In general, a product warranty covers manufacter defects of the hardware for said amount of time.

Warranty statements usually comes in some fonts, boring legal style of writing and long, which nobody bothers to read.

At TyphoonSystems, we do not hide behind small fonts and lengthy legal style writing.

Here is our warranty statement made simple in a Q&A style.

In General we have 2 types of warranty coverage:
1) 1st Year Onsite, 2nd & 3rd Year Carry-in
2) 3 Years Onsite

All Typhoon Displays, comes with a 3 years.
1) 1st year on-site (repair or pick up and return)
2) 2nd & 3rd year carry in

Dead/Bright Pixel
At any time within 3 years if the total number of dead/bright pixels is 4 and more, your display is considered faulty.

The warranty does not cover cracked panels or any other damages due to misuse.

Replacement part/display may be repaired or refurbished.

Typhoon Systems Memory, is limited life time, carry-in.

Rainbow Unicorn RGB Fans, RGB strips, controller and PWM hub, are 3 years carry-in.

Typhoon Systems Breeze 120, 3 years carry-in.

Typhoon Systems Breeze 120 ARGB 2.0, 3 years carry-in.

Typhoon Systems ARGB Strip, 3 years carry-in.

All peripherals included with the Rig/Workstation, will follow the warranty for it (3 years unless indicated), this do not apply to upgrades.

It covers intended performances and functions of the hardware as per it’s specification, manufacturers’ defects.

It does not cover mishandling, improper usage and negligence. Any physical damage will void the warranty.

Software issue is not covered. However we can provide assistance in reloading the Operation System and necessary drivers only. You will be responsible for the backup of your data. If you need us to backup the data and re-install your applications, additional charges will apply.

Below are the list of actions that will void the warranty:
1. Improper use or installation
2. Unauthorised modifications

You may contact us via our hotline, email or Facebook messages.
Do have these information handy,
1. Product
2. Serial Number/ Invoice Number
3. Digital copy of your invoice

For our Rigs/Workstation, we repair by means of replacing the faulty parts. The replacement parts may be repaired or refurbish.

For our Peripherals, replacement for faulty parts will be made. The replacement parts may be repaired or refurbish.