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Deep Learning, AI & Scientific Computation


Buildings, Interior & Industrial



Video, 3D Animation & Graphics



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Happy Owners of Typhoon Rigs!

Typhoon Systems are amazing! They deliver ultra fast and have a pretty good variety that doesnt cost much if youre planning to have a tight budget! They also have amazing customer support services that helped me when I don't understand the parts! Would recommend 100/100! They also have printing and other custom design services so I am loving it!

thumb Yuki Shiro
March 19, 2021

I just want to say that it has been an amazing experience with Typhoon Systems! Firstly, if you are a person who is really serious about cost, I would recommend Typhoon systems immediately! Once I WhatsApp messaged them, they immediately set aside the items and wait for my payment so that they could start. I am really thankful because after a few days, the comp price has gone up. If it weren’t for them setting aside it for me, I think I would have paid more. Lastly, every question was responded really well. All in all a great experience!

thumb matthew lee
May 4, 2021

Great help from Typhoon Systems. Revived my old PC that went in for repair after it died and didn't cost much to replace blown out parts

thumb Shinshuu
January 9, 2021

Staff was extremely friendly and helpful when inquiring about details of the PC as well as recommending specs that would suit my needs. When trading in my old pc, they also gave a run down of how my new pc would perform compared to the old one while doing checks on my old HDD and advising me on how long it'll last. Would definitely come again in the future.

thumb Xirin Aurion
March 10, 2021