A couple of guys were sitting in a kopitiam one day just downstairs from their office, drinking their morning kopi and nitpicking about how their soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast were so totally underdone. Each of them had almost 2 decades of experience in the IT sector, since the heady days of the Internet BOOMZ in the 1990s and have seen its ups and downs.

Typhoon Systems Geeks' Kaya Toast Set

GT : “Hey, I saw all these atas branded desktops for gaming and work. Scary leh, the pricing for something half-decent, I have to sell one of my eyeballs and a few of my annoying relatives from Chinese New Year visiting just to buy one!”

BK : “Ya lah, somemore the parts they put in, I saw some of them the other day. Sibeh cannot make it one lo, see the quality I wanna vomit blood!

KL : “Gentlemen, I think the people of Singapore and around the world have been ripped off for far too long when it comes to their PCs!! It’s time to truly show them the TECHNOLOGY OF SPEED!!”

And thus Typhoon Systems was born that day. Let the next verse begin.

Disclaimer: We are perfectly capable of speaking decent GCE O Level England upon request